Christmas in Calgary

Thought I’d drop a post in as folks are wanting to know how my first Christmas here was.  Well, it really feels like Christmas with the snow, the cold, the brilliant sunshine.  I’ve been spending lots of time outside in nature.  I went for a walk in the snow at the Glenmore Reservoir the other day.  Folks here think of magpies as a nuissance but I love those birds and the bounding movement of their flight- tenacious and magical like crows.  Neat to watch folks cross country skiing along the reservoir- which is now pretty much dried up in places.

This was my first Christmas away from my family in Vancouver and I was really curious how I would feel about that.  I ended up spending a quiet Christmas Day with a friend who doesn’t celebrate.  It was actually a nice change from the busy and hectic Christmas in Vancouver.  I love my family and spending time with them- it just usually feels like such a stressful time of year that I have a hard time really enjoying it.  So a quiet Christmas was surprisingly nice.  On Christmas Eve, I went to a friend’s house for her “open house”.  She puts on a great spread and Santa came to deliver presents to the little kids around 7 pm.  That was probably the highlight of the night. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOKS ON THEIR FACES!  Priceless.  One kid didn’t know what to do with himself and hid behind the presents.  Another kid was so excited she just jumped up and down and ran around Santa in circles.  It was great fun.  I was reminded of how simple life can be.  They hugged him and it seemed they were more excited to see him than to get their presents!  My friend’s granddaughter was tracking where Santa was on the news and her friend was super excited the closer Santa got to Calgary.

So the kids continue to be great teachers.  It is the simple things they appreciate.  Makes me wonder why we adults make things so complicated.  Why not just be in the moment and enjoy what is here, now?  I’ve been watching lately how restless I am at times.  When I tune into what is happening around me in those moments, I inevitably find beauty is all around me.  It brings me back to what is really important.  The past is behind me.  The future is unknown.  This year, I want to learn how to stay in that present place more often.  That place where there is no stress and where magic occurs.  Bring out the Buddha in me!

Happy Buddha

Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful 2011 and that your heart’s desires come to form and that you have the courage to step into them and walk them out on your journey.

Wondering what it is that you are yearning for in 2011.  Would love to hear about that if you wanna post in the comments…

BIG Love, tight hugs and slobbery kisses!

Astroshamanic Garden (Findhorn, Scotland)

Recent Calgary Pictures

Did I say I LOVED the amount of sunshine we get in Calgary?!  Wow.  What a different winter than a Vancouver one!

I promised to post some “after” pics for the Martha Stewart’s of you;  I am no Martha though- keep in mind.  I love the feeling of my place though- small and cozy.

It’s a bachelor so my bed is to the right behind the screen.



Bath Room

Me in my new winter coat!


Been spending some time walking along the Elbow River by my house.  Here are some pics from there:


The part of Calgary I live in used to be the French quarter in town so there are a lot of Catholic churches and the original street names are printed on the Avenue and Street signs that are mostly now all numbered.  I have been spending lots of time at St. Mary’s Cathedral by my house.  It is a beautiful church right at the Elbow River.  I like going in there after my walks to sit in silence; it is so peaceful in there. On sunny days in the afternoons, the stained glass windows take my breath away.


I like sitting in front of the Virgin Mary statue.  People come up and kneel in front of her, touch her, and send their prayers up to her.  I don’t know what they are praying for but I know what I pray for and I know that it brings me comfort.  Like magic.  We come to her in all conditions- pained, lonley, suffering, grateful and lost and it’s all OK.  I always feel better when I leave.

I was so stunned when I saw Our Lady of Fatima.  Mary is also the patron saint of Portugal and my dad is from a village not far from Fatima where the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 children earlier in the last century.  Millions of people make pilgrimages to Fatima each year- some on their knees.  I remember being there when I was 16 and taking in the energy of the place and watching people approach the main vestibule on their knees; I was so moved.  Who knew I would find Fatima in Calgary of all places?!

Seal Love


Thanks, Ann.  This made me smile today.  Made me miss Scotland actually.