Stanley Park Photos

Michelle and I had a lovely two weeks in Vancouver visiting family and friends.  I played a LOT with my niece and nephew.  It was a lot of fun.  Michelle (my partner) got to meet my family and she is a total hit with the kids.  She brought her foam sword and as soon as Noah saw it, got out his own and they had a match 🙂  I played tour guide.  Michelle and I stayed at a hostel in downtown Vancouver for a couple of nights and spent time walking Stanley Park and having tea at the Sylvia.  It was relaxing being out in nature.  I have included some photos I took of our trip below.


Michelle and “heart” tree.


Seagull with picky eating habits. Apparently, apple cores are not acceptable 🙂

The moon.


Simple Gratitude Projects

This documentary was born out of a project created by Hailey – the ‘365 Grateful Project’. In early 2008, in an effort to fight depression, Hailey started a year long photographic project which involved taking one Polaroid photo a day of something she felt grateful for. Initially this was a chore but eventually it became a delight.

The discipline of having to look for the good things that happened every day changed her life in so many ways. Hailey found not only her marriage, spiritual life and health improved, but this project accidentally, wondrously spread and affected the lives of many others.



Birthing Our Book

Kat, Ann and Jen started the journey of creating this book back in fall of 2008.  At the time of this writing, we can say that, although the project had a long gestation period, it was a rewarding experience with much beauty and many challenges that helped us each grow on our spiritual journeys.  Big thanks to all the children and big kids that tested the ceremonies in the book.  We learned the biggest lessons from you!  We are now laying out the book.  It will be available in hard copy and e-book form in time for Christmas!  The book’s new title is “The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within.”

If you’d like to learn more about our book, here is our website:

I am Second

A touching and thought provoking interview with Korn musician after he touches the grace of the Divine and heals an addiction to crystal meth.

Quotes On Rhythm

Rhythm is one of the most powerful of pleasures, and when we feel a pleasurable rhythm we hope it will continue. When it does, it grows sweeter. When it becomes reliable, we are in a kind of body-heaven.
-Mary Oliver

A prevailing sense of rhythm is necessary, but some variation enhances the very strength of the pattern. Variation wakes us up with its touch of difference, just as a cadence of drums in a marching band keeps two things going at the same time: a strict and regular beat and a few contrapuntal accents, flourishes, and even silences.
-Mary Oliver

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.
-Thomas Merton

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living.
-Bruce Barton

Everything has rhythm. Everything dances.
-Maya Angelou

Rhythm is the basis of life, not steady forward progress. The forces of creation, destruction, and preservation have a whirling, dynamic interaction.

If you live the life you love, you will receive shelter and blessings. Sometimes the great famine of blessings in and around us derives from the fact that we are not living the life we love; rather, we are living the life that is expected of us. We have fallen out of rhythm with the secret signature and light of our own nature.
-John O’Donohue

Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune.
-Deepak Chopra

All the people tonight, put your hands in the sky. Come on boy, come and get in the rhythm, music will take you high. What I’m feeling about you, I love you, don’t know why. Everybody come on and get in the rhythm, music will take you high.