Women’s Power Stories


Book: “Women’s Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life” Editors Jennifer Engrácio and Carell Mehl

You are invited to come on a journey as thirteen ancient goddesses remind you of the power and beauty of the feminine aspects within you. Whatever your gender may be, the twenty-six stories in this book will touch the very heart of the strong feminine presence within you and awaken parts of you that may have been asleep. What power story lies deep within you wanting to be told? Contained within this volume, you will find inspiration, resources, knowledge, and suggestions that will support you in tapping into your own victories.

About the Author
Jennifer Engrácio has been a student of shamanism since 2005. Engrácio is a certified teacher who has worked in many different education settings since 2001. She is a certified shamanic coach and practitioner, reiki master and lomilomi practitioner; in addition, she runs Spiral Dance Shamanics.

Jennifer self-published three books:

The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within

Women’s Power Stories: Honouring the Feminine Principle of Life

Dreaming of Cupcakes: A Food Addict’s Shamanic Journey into Healing

To get your copy of the book, go to: http://spiraldanceshamanics.com/store/

Testimonials from folks who have read the book:

“This book definitely took me to another space inside myself, into the womb, where I was able to connect the energy of the goddess and the energy of the Earth Count together to find a space that wanted to heal.  It made me feel that part of the goddess and Earth energy! It helped me to connect to the story inside myself as I read through the pages–bubbling up and coming present.”

-Lori’ Nelson

“I found that each story was deeply moving–to the point where I had to pause and put the manuscript down after each one in order to digest the experience. For me, reading each story was a little like being shown a movie filled with vivid, personal images.   Each author writes in her own voice, but what each one has in common is openness and candor. It would even be fair to say they are intimate. I had the feeling of being trusted–the kind of feeling one gets when someone tells you a highly personal secret.”

-Greg Leach

“This book took me on a journey and helped me touch the feminine aspect of my soul–the part of me that I was afraid to engage with. It helped me connect with the strength of my goddess within. I realized the power in vulnerability and it sometimes moved me to tears. Through those tears, I released the hidden wounds that were still there from the past.”

-Michelle Darago

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To listen to a radio interview with the editors about the book, go to:

Women’s Power Stories: Book Interview with Carell Mehl and Jennifer Engracio

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