The Hawaiian Art of Forgiveness

On “Going Shamanic” radio show, Jen Engracio interviewed Uncle Harry Uhane Jim on the Hawaiian art of forgiveness called “Ho’oponopono.”  Uncle Harry  joined us to talk about why clearing the past is important to our health and well-being in the present, and shared with us how it’s done.  Don’t miss this show!  It’s filled with wisdom you can take into your daily life.

Harry Uhane Jim is a Kahuna, healer, and teacher. He is the author of the book, “WISE SECRETS OF ALOHA.” He was born and raised on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  He has been doing healing work for many years and has been trained in the traditional apprentice style by the best known native Kahuna’s of the last seven decades. Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.19.05 PM

The Gift of Aloha

After spending a month on the Hawaiian Islands, I’ve come home renewed with a greater appreciation for aloha and the elders there who continue to share their lineage teachings with me so graciously.

From “The Book of Aloha: A Collection of Hawaiian Proverbs and Inspirational Wisdom” by Mutual Publishing of Honolulu:


The official flower of the island of O’ahu.

“Visitors to Hawaii will inevitably encounter the term aloha at some point during their stay. They will most likely hear someone say ‘aloha’ when they arrive. They will soon realize that aloha is not just a word but a concept that is multi-dimensional, that it encompasses random acts of kindness, that it means giving love or affection to both close ones and strangers, and that it represents an attitude, a way of thinking, a spirit of living, a philosophy. Aloha is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture and can be considered its gift or legacy to the world. Giving aloha, acting with aloha, and caring with aloha sets examples for all to follow. Aloha can be said to be the soul of Hawai’i, the thread that ties together the Hawaiian cultural and social values that make these islands so unique. Long after returning home one remembers not just the scenery but the feeling of aloha which lingers like a fragrant scent. Live aloha, let aloha into your life, be aloha.”

Here’s a strategy that has worked well for me that I’d like to offer:  Start by giving aloha to yourself. In tough or stressful moments, take deep breaths into your belly and allow the aloha to flow from your High Self to your Low Self like a river. Keep going until you feel filled and refreshed.

I’d love to hear how aloha appears in your life and how you tap into this energy.  If you care to share, please do so in the comment box.