Plant Medicine: Radio Show

Last month on Going Shamanic, we spoke with Janis Silver Owl on the topic of Exploring Plant Medicine.

Check out this great show with insights on how you can work with plants to guide you on your life’s journey:



On Being Alive

Life sometimes demands:

Furious flying,

Rapturous play,

Creative unfolding,

Calm waters,

Moving among chaos,

Singing full voice,

Trance dancing,

Emotional flow,

Endless grace,

Mountain climbing,

Careful descents,

Free falling,

Sacred irreverence,

Conscious building,

Focused destruction,

Collaborative energy,

Fierce solitude,

Courageous action,

Unwavering intent,

And an adaptive stance- all within the same moment.

A paradox and possibility at the same time.

The challenge and thrill of being alive in a human body.

Are you up for it?


-Jen Engracio

The Joy of BEing

I went to visit my grandma the other day at her care home. She is turning 96 this year and has pretty advanced Alzheimers. Although she is not able to carry on a conversation that makes sense (to me), she looked into my eyes and recognition came over her. She knew my spirit and I could feel the delight rising in her. I spent an hour massaging her arms, legs and hands while she relaxed and looked out the window at the trees and the spring sunshine. At one point, she gave me a leg that I’d already massaged and said, “Faz. Faz.” which in Portuguese means “Do it. Do it.” I laughed and gave her what she wanted. I barely said a word to her the whole hour I was there. We did this somatic and spirit dance that was intimate and loving; we said more in that hour of not speaking than in one hour of talking. And I thought, “What a gift to just be able to BE together.” It was a relief to not feel like I had to chatter away. All of my earthly titles, degrees and achievements didn’t matter one iota. All that mattered was two humans connecting. Sometimes when I struggle with the predominant worldview we live in of achievements and titles, I think about what will matter to me when I am readying to die and reflecting back on my life. I doubt my university degree will be on my mind.