Helicopters and Loved Ones: September Photos

Hanna and I


Doris and I


Nothin' else to do...might as well be silly


Paige- the only sane one of the bunch...


Four partners in craziness...


Proud godmother??? LOL


Paige and I


Went to visit a family I work with in Victoria and the parents worked for Helijet so I got to go on a helicopter for the first time in my whole life.  What an amazing experience!!  I highly recommend it.  I took the 35 minute trip from Victoria to Vancouver at sunset.  It is so neat to hover instead of “take off” like in a plane and I got a feeling in my body for how a bee must feel when it leaves the ground…

I got a great view of the Gulf Islands and I could even see Pacific White Sided Dolphins jumping in the ocean below.  Spectacular!!


Vehicle of choice..


me on the chopper...very M*A*S*H


One of the Gulf Islands at sunset