Going Shamanic Radio Show: Ascension

Ascension and the Human Spirit’s Evolution:

On this episode, Jen talks with Carrell Mehl, a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner who focuses on what it takes to walk the path of Ascension.  This show is rich in ways to transition and transform energetically in these changing times.


Women’s Power Stories

Aloha, Ladies,

We have been dreaming with the idea for a book of women’s power stories.  With the coming of this new feminine age, we know the importance of all women standing in their personal power.  We as women hold innate knowledge of how to come into balance with the Earth.  We know somewhere inside how to cooperate with Nature to support healing in humans.  It is important for our womb wisdom to come forward at this time in human evolution in balance with the light masculine parts of our natures.  Each human has an inner shining and purpose.  This inner light is not about power “over” others.  This inner strength functions to bring our gifts into the world to assist in healing the human species.

Intent/Vision for the book: 

A book to nurture, feed, and empower women on the planet via art, song, and storytelling. Passing on stories of female ancestors in order to guide future generations of women.  Exposing women to different energetics of what it means to be a woman.  To support women in embracing their feminine essence.  To create a beautiful, authentic, soulful book.

We have heard women in our community tell a lot of power stories from their own lives and from the lives of their female lineage over the years.  They’ve turned victim stories into stories of personal power.  We’ve been inspired by these stories.   Parts of us have been healed by these stories.   We have learned how to tell power stories by listening to women tell theirs.  Please note that stories must be non-fiction and we recommend not printing the true names of people mentioned in your story.

You do not have to be an experienced writer, artist, or author to participate.

Our experience is that all women have power stories to tell from their life journeys.  For the next 12 months, we will celebrate a goddess each month.  We invite you to write stories in the energetic of these goddesses and send in your stories to Carell and Jen via Jen’s email address (below).  We also encourage you to research the goddesses; they are inspiration in and of themselves!

We are also looking for women in our community who are visual artists who might like to create images of the goddesses below that will be the title pages of the 13 chapters of our book.  Each goddess will provide the “theme energetic” for each chapter and we will place the women’s stories according to where they best fit. If you are willing to contribute artwork to this project, please e-mail Jen at:


We hope to collect all images and stories within the year so there is loads of time to create! No rush.

Names of Goddesses:





Kwan Yin



White Buffalo Woman



Mother Mary



Partial proceeds of this book will be donated to organizations that support the empowerment of women and girls on the planet.  Thanks for considering adding your energy, womb, and heart to this project.
In gratitude and wonder,
Jen Engracio (Snow Hawk) and Carell Mehl (Dreaming Moon Dancer)