Radical Wonderings

peaceful Jen

Thanks, Shyloe for the inspiration here:

I’ve wondered a lot about prayer too.  It wasn’t until I started hearing people praying in a sweat lodge 8 years ago that I felt I really learned how to pray- even though I’d been praying since I was a little girl.  The prayers were heart-full and sent up to Spirit without attachment.  I can’t presume to know what someone needs.  But I can send them my heart prayers and then let go.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what life will be like on Earth when I am an elder….I’ve been wondering what life on Earth will be like 5,000 years from now.  I sense it will be radically different but not unfamiliar to us in our cellular memory.  Hank Wesselman’s “Spiritwalker” trilogy has had me chewing on this one.  It’s had me chewing on what I need to shift in my life in order to be more in alignment with the Earth.  I’ve also been grateful for the abundance the Earth shares with me each and every day- the giveaway of all the plants and animals that make my life possible.  I received a confirmation from the Earth the other day at the gas pump of all places!  I was praying and thanking the Earth for her giveaway of gas so that I can get around and do my work in the world.  I was deep into it when I smelled gas and felt my feet wet.  I looked down and the gas pump was overflowing gas onto my shoes!  I wasn’t even pulling the “trigger” anymore.  It was just flowing. I laughed and told her I got the message.  It stopped.  LOL.  In all the years I’ve had my license and filled up with gas, this has never happened.  I love the mystery of living and of Spirit!  And I wonder what would happen if more of us prayed without attachment for an end to violence, for more peace on the planet, for alignment with the Earth…


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