Wisdom from a Kindergarten

Shared from a conversation with a parent with permission:

‘Somehow we started talking about God and she said “I don’t believe in that mean God that makes you do stuff or punishes you but I believe that God makes you invent stuff.”  When I asked her what she meant, she said, “Well, like when I am doing my art, I feel connected to God and that God is helping me to create things.” I was pretty blown away – maybe I don’t remember being that age but I don’t remember having that level of awareness, and then the ability to express it.   Later she was talking about what she was doing before she was born and said, “I was an angel in the universe and I was waiting to come down to you because I knew you were my parents.”  She added that she felt lucky because we like to talk about things and we don’t punish and I thought it was interesting that the idea of punishment came up a few times.  She has an awareness that that is a strategy used by other families (she was recently around her cousins) and it is something she seems really averse to.  I am seeing more and more that she has a clear vision in her mind of what justice is.  She loved the story about the tribe in Africa that deals with people who have committed a ‘crime’ by singing their personal song reminding them who they are and she said that was amazing and that she thought we should do that everywhere instead of having jail.’

-parent reflecting on learner Age 5


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