Let it Snow!

We’ve been getting some really nice dumps of snow here in Calgary as of late.  I love all the different kinds of snow that nature creates and here in Calgary, we get to see it all.  This morning’s was light and fluffy.  The other day, I could see each individual snowflake as it landed on my black jacket and black car.  I’ve been for long walks and snowshoes in the snow lately and have been reflecting on it.

Snow covers the world in a blanket of beauty.

It slows us down.

It covers the trees and plant life with a layer of insulation to protect from the chilly belows.

The other day, I counted all the blessings that snow brings into my life.  I love this slower pace that hourly shoveling brings.  The way it has of bringing me into the present moment.  I watch the snow hares in my garden throughout the day and I always smile when I see their tracks in the snow on the way to my car each morning.  Today, as I was driving home at sunset, the sky was a mix of ice blue, magenta, and white that took my breath away.  The trees are painted with white.  Even the chain link fences look like lace in the snow!  Who knew a chain link fence could be aesthetically pleasing!  As I walk, I listen to the crunching, squeaking sound under my moccasins and I revel in it.  I felt joy well up in my heart when I saw a snowman the kids had made at the park.  Watching families climb hills with their toboggans over and over simply for the thrill of the ride makes me feel happy inside.  I love the expression on their faces when they get off- or are dumped off- at the bottom of the slopes.

I sit at my desk by the window and write as I look at the snow falling from the skies looking like diamonds a generous gift from the heavens.  I watch the magpies play in the tree in front of me and revel in the flickers that come to visit me.  The world really is a magical place.  I am grateful today that I had the wisdom to stop and take it all in.  I wonder what took YOUR breath away this week.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Here are some photos I took this week:



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