Giving Thanks

A friend of mine, Thomas Puchtler, lives in Germany and gave this lovely response to my post about the “car dilemma” a few weeks back.  He gave me permission to post his poignant words here:


My friends Maho, Flora and I walking down a wooded path in Findhorn, Scotland in 2010. Thomas and I were part of a group who did the Experience Week at that magical place. Coming away with open hearts….and minds.

Although I do not feel any condition or requirement from the earth I am deeply grateful for all things I am presented.


I am grateful for the weeds. They do not ask for rich environment for propagation. They heal the earth whenever man has done it wrong. They grow and transform biologic substances to things the whole life circle needs.


I am grateful for the trees. They tirelessly produce oxygen for us. I gratefully use their bodies when I produce furniture from it. I know it is ok for them when I exploiting their existence for my intentions.


I am grateful for the diversity among humans. Quite often I meet people in the right place and the right time that add pieces to me. With open eyes so often things fall perfectly into the right places.


I am grateful for all the delicious food. If we look apart from fast food there are so many ways to refine nature’s gifts for our tongue. By the way I am lucky to have an excellent cook living by my side.


I am grateful for the birds. They greet me whenever I pass the border of the forest on my course. They entertain me when I relax in the garden.

I am grateful for the forest. Every time I walk through it I relieve problems, grief, bad feelings. When things are stuck I come into motion, can see new alternatives that I was not able to see before.


I am grateful for my car. It takes Elke and me devotedly to our garden. It can pull a trailer carrying all the things we want to transport to and from that garden.



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