Photos from around Calgary

Not really endorsing carving on live trees, however, it did seem like a welcome when we found this while drumming in the forest in Elbow Falls.

Cave at Elbow Falls.

Elbow Falls

Leaning tree at the Glenmore Reservoir. Always astonished and inspired at the tenacity of living things to thrive no matter what their conditions…

We saw a bunch of these prairie dogs (AKA. gophers) on our hike at Glenmore Reservoir. I’d never seen these creatures before although had noticed their holes throughout the city. It turns out that they are specialists in developing true, supportive communities. They hug when they greet each other and they have homes underground where they work to protect and support each other. Wow. If only humans could learn those skills and hone them.

Following “the path” on a lovely nature walk through Nose Hill.

Water droplets on a plant in a friend’s garden after rainfall…



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