Cars, Body Pain, and Connection with the Earth Mama

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of body pain, stiffness and shortness of breath.  This is really quite unusual for this flow-y sort of girl so it had me wondering what was going on on a spiritual level that was causing it.  I’ve been doing all sorts of energy work on it and finally all this work combined into a bathtub a-ha moment this morning.

I realized that I was feeling guilty, sad and really stressed out about the fact that now that I have moved into a house on the outskirts of Calgary, I need to buy a car.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am pretty committed to leaving a light footprint on the Earth.  I gave up my last car in 2008 and moved to an area of Vancouver with good access to transit so I wouldn’t have to consume so much gas and oil. I also joined the Vancouver Car Coop so that I could sign out a car when I needed thus saving gas, money, and maintenance fees while also improving my health.   I walked and car cooped happily for all this time feeling good about changing my lifestyle to be more in alignment with the Earth’s energy.

I experience the Earth as a living, sentient being.  She has a spirit just like each of us do.  I am aware as I am living on her that she is an unconditionally loving mother to me providing for all my needs and holding me throughout my life’s walk.  I am sensitive to the ways that we are harming her and defiling her body.  So I felt guilty that I was seemingly going backwards on a promise I’d made to her all those years ago.  I felt like I was failing her and my commitment to her.

Last night, I went to listen to and do ceremony with a Peruvian shaman, Jose Luis Herrera.  He spoke a lot about the Earth being our true mother and the need for us to give thanks to her and work with her to assure the health and continuation of our species. We did a beautiful traditional Incan despacho ceremony where Jose created a medicine wheel out of various dried foods and we each added our individual healing prayers into a rose that was given to us to add to the work of art.  This wheel was then wrapped in paper and burned in a ritual fire where the prayers were released to Spirit and the Mother herself.

Jose inadvertently reminded me of an experience I had a few weeks ago with a lady who came in for a reiki healing session.  She is the CEO of an innovative gas and oil company here in Calgary.  I learned a lot during this session and it opened my heart and mind to how I can work better with the Earth Mother.  During the session, I received messages from the Earth telling me that she gives of her resources graciously and she wants humans to work WITH her to do this in a good way.  In short, she wants to be asked- not defiled.  I need to ask her consent and respect her NO. It turns out that this lady is a shamanic practitioner herself.  She communicates with the Earth before any drilling happens and makes sure it is OK with her to take gas and oil from her belly.  If she gets the OK and before drilling happens, a gratitude and honouring ceremony is done at the land.  She asked me, when was the last time you gave gratitude to the Earth when you filled up your car with gas at the station?  What a gift this CEO was to me that day!

All these experiences came floating back to me in the tub this morning.  It turns out that the rigidity and inflexibility I was experiencing in my body was telling me that I had some beliefs that had to go.  That the real way to work with global warming and Earth imbalances was to restore my communication with the Earth’s spirit and to ask her what she wants and needs.  In other words, to respect her wishes- even though they may not make sense to my logical brain.

I remembered all of the magical experiences I’ve had in my life simply by putting out prayers and co-creating with Spirit and the Earth.  I remembered with gratitude all of the times that my consciousness twisted and contorted out of the belief paradigms I’d bought into.  I survived through it and, in fact, thrived as a result.  This one feels good in my body/mind/heart/spirit.  My body is relaxing and my heart feels lighter.  Thank you, Pachamama (Earth Mother), with lots of love in my heart,
























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