A Kid’s Take on Joseph Kony


By now many of you have heard of the Kony 2012 campaign.  If not, I posted the video and a blurb in an earlier post this month called Kony 2012.  Some of you know that I work with kids as a learning consultant.  This week, I came across a discussion between a 6 year old (Gabe) and his mom that I found really poignant.  I asked if I could share it here and they both agreed.  It is written in mom’s voice:
‘For some reason Gabriel was gazing over my shoulder as I was scrolling through facebook and went wild when i scrolled past a video and said he wanted to watch it.  I was just checking something quickly and didn’t want to watch any films and tried my darnedest to “redirect” him but he wouldn’t be denied – he insisted, and so we watched it.   It was the Kony film (!!)  (I hadn’t seen it yet) and he watched every second of it intently.  We had to pause it a few times to discuss things as he was so shocked that he needed me to help him integrate it.   He understood it completely and spent the entire week telling everyone about Kony:  “did you know there is this man in Africa named Joseph Kony who is taking children from their homes and forcing them to shoot other people, sometimes even their own parents!?  Did you know that we can help by putting up posters and wearing bracelets….”  etc.   Conversation afterwards:  “When they find him, they will put him in Jail, right mom?”  me:  “oh yah. or kill him if he’s armed.”  Gabe:  “Will he be in Jail for the rest of his life?”  Me: “almost certainly.”  Gabe:  “His whole LIFE?!  Awwww! Mom, I don’t think it’s jail he needs.  He needs people to remind him of what love is.”  (holy smokes, mom nearly faints).’


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