Winter and Succulent Living

From my Qi Qong Teacher (that’s her with the dragon LOL):

Gong Hey Fat Choy!  

Happy Year of the Dragon!! 

Wishing you an incredible, magical, and adventurous 2012.

Being aware of all the amazing (& not so amazing) challenges we face both personally and globally, it is easy to put our own Succulence on the back burner.

Yet without healthy succulence our days feel drab, barren, and we lose touch with our sense of vibrant aliveness and creativity!!!

Challenges, whether real or imagined, drain us of our ability to find new ways of living and being.

Yet, there is a simple practice that can boost up our juiciness, regenerate both our body and spirit, and make our immune system stronger!

What’s the trick?

There is no trick or pill or fad, it is something as old as humanity itself:  Enjoying the darkness of the night!



We are regulated by hormones and one such hormone that has a powerful influence on our REPRODUCTIVE system is:  Melatonin.

Melatonin is essential in regulating Estrogen levels in your body. High estrogen isn’t just a problem for cancer, but also for weight gain (in both men and women).


How do you get more Melatonin? Spend time in the dark and get a good night sleep!

By spending your evenings off the computer & TV while enjoying low lighting or candlelight, you encourage your Melatonin production and therefore naturally aid your hormonal system to find its ultimate state of balance and health.

Here’s to a very juicy Year of the Dragon!

Saida Desilets


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