More Hawaii Photos

Place of Refuge: Honaunau National Park

life growing out of lava rock

irridescent colours in lava rock

Pele's flower

more sparkly lava rock

lava fields of Volcanoes National Park

The holes in this petroglyph are indicators of a lineage. Ancient Hawaiians used to come and place the umbilical cord of a new child in their own freshly made hole and pray to the ancestors to bless the child with mana (universal energy).

Mt. Kilauea- an active volcano that is goddess Pele's home. I like that the glow of fire is heart shaped reflecting the goddesses love for the people and the land. The spirit of Aloha.

Hawksbill Turtle at the Place of Refuge- taking a rest on the sand. Quite fitting, dontcha think?

swimmers at Hapuna Beach at sunset

rainbows followed our group around Hawaii

plumeria tree and flower

Mahalo (thank you) for welcoming us, Pele.



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