My Body is the Garden of My Soul

Indeed.  Check out this tune of affirmations read by Deepak Chopra

My a-ha while dancing tonight:

Nothing in the body is constant so it makes so much sense to constantly check in with what it needs and to listen to what it is telling me.  I mean, I KNEW this but I never really integrated it.  The body is new moment to moment.  And so holding onto those old ways I interact with it is more of a hinderance than anything else.  What if I could live with that mantra: my body is the garden (and expression) of my soul….


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ann Dickie
    May 26, 2011 @ 12:54:23

    A lovely video. Deepak Chopra is one of my favourite mystics. This is timely for me, as I need to learn to love my body, listen to it, and do what needs to be done to keep it healthy. That’s been my biggest lesson this past year. The lesson is ongoing! Ann


  2. Jen E
    May 26, 2011 @ 14:02:41

    You and I both, dear friend! My shamanic teacher told me this year: just listen to what your body wants and do THAT moment to moment. It really IS that simple. It is just when those *shoulds* and *have tos* get in the way that it all seems to go awry! You are a great image-maker for me, Ann. I hope I am still dancing as you are well into my 70s and beyond!



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