Doing What Comes Natural…

I thought this story written by Nadine Bells was great:

After 28 years together, Rose Pollard made good on her promise to marry Forrest Lunsway on his 100th birthday and become the oldest newlyweds in history.

On Saturday, March 19th, Forrest wed his 93-year-old girlfriend at the Dana Point Senior Center in California.

The lovebirds met on December 18, 1983, at a Long Beach dance for seniors. Lunsway started visiting Pollard soon after, making the 40-mile trek from Cypress to Capistrano Beach frequently.

Pollard was no easy catch.

“I told him up front I had no intention of getting married. After a few years he asked me ‘How come we never got married?’ and I said, ‘Because you never asked me.’ So he got down on one knee and said, ‘Well I’m asking you now, just set the date.’ I told him, ‘I’ll marry you on your 100th birthday,'” Pollard told the Dana Point Times.

Lunsway held her to her word.

At what was disguised as Lunsway’s birthday party, the couple surprised guests with a wedding ceremony.

Pastor Sam Lewis officiated the moving ceremony, announcing that the day’s theme was, “You’re not done living until you’re dead.”

The mayor and other town officials were also present for the historic and romantic occasion.

The young-at-heart groom said the secret to staying young is to “just do what comes natural.”

The pastor chimed in: “And get a Rose!”

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