Magic White Rabbits

I couldn’t sleep last night and after hours of restless tossing and turning, I decided at 3:30 am to go for a walk in the freshly falling snow.  I love those silent nights when the wind is still, snow is falling, and I am the only one outside.  I knew why I couldn’t sleep:  fear and anxiety around some important decisions I need to make.  So I walked to the local park and stood in the middle of the field feeling the snow fall on my face as I looked up at it glittering as it moved past the street lights.  A wondrous scene.  I knew everything was going to work out- just like it always does- even if not the exact way I think it will unfold.  I had plans to go to Chinese New Year (the Year of the Rabbit) in Chinatown the next morning and was wondering if I should just sleep in when I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  I thought it was just my tired eyes playing tricks on me when I spotted three almost purely white rabbits.  The only reason I saw them was because one of them had a bit of brown on her ears; they were otherwise completely camouflaged.  I have never seen rabbits in the middle of the city and I wondered how they got to this tiny park almost in the middle of downtown Calgary.  I sat there for a while wondering if this whole thing was a vision.  Nope.  They were there in the physical.  Magic.  I was born in 1975, a wood rabbit year.  I was sensing that this was important somehow for me to celebrate the lunar New Year and seeing the rabbits confirmed it.  They seemed to be a family and as I stood perfectly still and asked them what they had to teach me tonight, they each inched closer to me one at a time and stopped in front of me to impart their wisdom.  The first one came in front of me and reared up on its hind legs as it sniffed me.  Rabbits in some shamanic traditions stand for fear. This one’s message to me was to face my fears courageously this year.  The other two came with their own messages that were more personal.  I gave gratitude for the night omen as I walked back finally tired enough to sleep to my apartment where I slipped under my covers and drifted into the dreamtime hoping the magic rabbits would continue their conversation with me there and satisfied with what they had already shared.  A gift in an unlikely place.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tjoy
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 10:26:44

    hi love… this gave me shivers all over. I love you and what a sweet sharing from the universe… I am reading your words more often and even thinking about perhaps… maybe… possibly starting my own little bloggy pooh! LOVE!!


  2. Jen E
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 15:25:28

    Glad it inspired! Please do pass along your blog address when you have one!
    Being the lovely visual artist you are, I hope to see some of your images on there too!



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