Home Sweet Home

Some of you requested some before and after pictures of my apartment.  So here I am after painting my apartment.  And, YES- that is a Safeway bag on my head!  I am now all moved in.  Almost all boxes unpacked.  Will post the “after” pictures once I’ve done some finishing touches.  Everything went well; the movers brought everything on Friday morning and only 3 glasses broken.  Not bad.  It is a bachelor suite I live in.  Only 350 square feet.  Cozy and just about all I need at the moment.

Living Room/Bedroom





Toilet Room

Front of House

I’ve also been spending a lot of time at Prince’s Island Park (Vancouverites: Think Stanley Park only this is the Bow River instead of the Pacific Ocean).  This park follows the Bow River just North of the Downtown core.  It is not far from my house.  I can walk there in 30 minutes or take the bus.  I’ve been really enjoying the sculptures in the park and just taking in nature.  Was a cool day today- for me- BC girl that I am.  I got on a bus and the bus driver said, “So uh.  Yer lookin’ pretty warm.”  I smiled and said, “I am from Vancouver; I am acclimatizing.”  He laughed.  You know I am not from here because I am not wearing shorts on a clear- but cold- day!  It is also DRY here.  I had to go out today and buy some heavy duty moisturizer for my skin.  No humidity here.  I’m definitely not on the West Coast any more! And I love the prairies.  Although it is colder here, the sun shines a lot- and I mean so that folks don’t pack away their sunglasses in the winter like they do in Vancouver.  Lookin’ forward to seeing the Northern Lights when that comes about….

Yes.  Only in Alberta would you see swingsets shaped out of cowboy hats!

Chinatown dragon statues


Settling in…

Thought I’d just put a quick post in here before I head off to paint my new apartment.

I got here on Halloween night and really enjoyed going out with my friends Loreen and Carell with Loreen’s daughter Rhiannon and Carell’s granddaughter Briana.  The little girls were dressed up as a Hula Dancer and a Pumpkin.  The Hula Dancer’s coconut bra kept falling off and Carell and I laughed so hard when Briana said, ” Can I take this thing off?  It is annoying me.”

Out of the mouths of babes.  She probably speaks for many women out there that understand the discomfort of wearing bras!  She is 4.  They were over top a Hawaiian dress so we put them in her Halloween candy bag- a suitable place for the torture devices, in my opinion.  The Pumpkin was pretty cute.  We watched Rhiannon waddle up and down tall steps in her BIG costume.  She did pretty good holding onto walls pretty much by herself and maneuvering her way up BIG steps for a 2.5 year old!  Briana and I went into a scary haunted house that a neighbour set up.  I was impressed how she handled the whole thing.  Her eyes were as big as saucers as she surveyed the scene and looked for things that might jump out at her.  I picked her up half way through and finally near the end, a werewolf jumped out at us.  He went easy on the little kids and didn’t yell as loud so it was OK.  I noticed he had no mercy for the adults though 🙂  So after an hour and a bit of the little girls walking, they were done and getting cold.  The skies were clear and we could see shooting stars in the night sky.  Several neighbours had fire pits set up where kids and parents could come and warm up once in a while.

No snow yet since I got here.  Mornings and nights are cool but the days have been warm- as high as 19 degrees Celsius.  My place is currently undergoing some renos because when we did the move in inspection on Monday, I noticed some things I wanted fixed so I have been staying with friends since I arrived.  Today, I go in to paint my place before my things arrive tomorrow morning with the moving company.  I HIGHLY recommend this, by the way; it was so nice not to have to do any shlepping of stuff myself.  They are super professional, tag and inventory everything and they unpack all the fragiles when they arrive.  If anything is broken, it is insured.  So worth the extra  bit of expense.  And the BIG bonus is that I didn’t have to chance getting stuck on the highways between BC and Alberta in a U-Haul by myself.  So all is well….

I will post pictures of my place soon after I finish unpacking.

Will be nice to sleep in my own bed after over a year of it being packed away in storage as I gypsied my way around the world…

Hope your All Hallows Eve was fun and that the ancestors who love you were able to slip through that thin veil between the Spirit world and the Earth plane that night to bless you!  I know I felt blessed that night as I walked among all the trick ‘o treaters.  I am grateful for that.

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