Thoughts on Touch…


This post may interest both parents and non-parents.  I am currently taking a parenting course alongside my kindergarten families.  I thought I’d share some quotes on why physical affection like touch and our presence is so important for the ability of our children to thrive. There are also a ton of books out there on neuroscience and child development, which also do a great job of explaining why physical touch and proximity are so important to our neurological and emotional development as humans.  I found this book fascinating:

“Our silent and most potent language, touch is the medium through which parent and infant communicate and become attached, each tender touch strengthening the bond between them. In fact, touch is literally a baby’s lifeline. Able to thrive without hearing, without vision, and without smell, infants lacking affectionate touch literally perish from a syndrome called, appropriately, failure-to-thrive.”

-Sharon Heller- author


“Cultures high in physical affection; touch, holding or carrying, rated low in adult physical violence. Those cultures rated low in physical touch were high in adult physical violence.”

James W. Prescott – neuropsychologist


I also recently watched this documentary, which is also interesting.  So many ways to parent and create happy and thriving kids….

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