Park by my house

OK.  So I have discovered that I am in SERIOUS need of a different kind of clothing.  Been on the lookout for warm winter boots and a down parka and I finally found both today for under $200 at the good ol’ Hudson’s Bay company.  I now have a good hat made of wool and felt that covers my ears and is stylish.  Also bought warm layers at Mountain Equipment Coop today.  I experienced my first ever 26 below weather with wind chill yesterday.  Holy cow is it ever cold is all I have to say!  Remember when you were a kid drinking slurpees too fast and that feeling of brain freeze?  UH.  Yup.  That is how it feels when the wind blows and it is that cold- takes my breath away.  I am diggin’ it though and it is OK as long as you’re dressed warm.  The sun glinting off the snow is gorgeous.  I am most impressed, however, watching the Calgarian ladies in their high heeled boots and shoes in this kind of weather.  Hats off to them;  I can’t even walk on the things when the ground is not an ice rink.  I sit at Chiasso coffee shop and watch them prance by in amazement.  Here are some pictures I have taken lately:

Icicles out my kitchen window


Tree in front of my house by streetlight


Love how snow can look like diamonds!


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  1. Debbie Dumaresq
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 19:42:19

    I simply love the play of light on the snow causing that purple and gold to happen in that one photo of the snow as lit by the street light! There is something so wondrous about snow, isn’t there! ❤


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