Home Sweet Home

Some of you requested some before and after pictures of my apartment.  So here I am after painting my apartment.  And, YES- that is a Safeway bag on my head!  I am now all moved in.  Almost all boxes unpacked.  Will post the “after” pictures once I’ve done some finishing touches.  Everything went well; the movers brought everything on Friday morning and only 3 glasses broken.  Not bad.  It is a bachelor suite I live in.  Only 350 square feet.  Cozy and just about all I need at the moment.

Living Room/Bedroom





Toilet Room

Front of House

I’ve also been spending a lot of time at Prince’s Island Park (Vancouverites: Think Stanley Park only this is the Bow River instead of the Pacific Ocean).  This park follows the Bow River just North of the Downtown core.  It is not far from my house.  I can walk there in 30 minutes or take the bus.  I’ve been really enjoying the sculptures in the park and just taking in nature.  Was a cool day today- for me- BC girl that I am.  I got on a bus and the bus driver said, “So uh.  Yer lookin’ pretty warm.”  I smiled and said, “I am from Vancouver; I am acclimatizing.”  He laughed.  You know I am not from here because I am not wearing shorts on a clear- but cold- day!  It is also DRY here.  I had to go out today and buy some heavy duty moisturizer for my skin.  No humidity here.  I’m definitely not on the West Coast any more! And I love the prairies.  Although it is colder here, the sun shines a lot- and I mean so that folks don’t pack away their sunglasses in the winter like they do in Vancouver.  Lookin’ forward to seeing the Northern Lights when that comes about….

Yes.  Only in Alberta would you see swingsets shaped out of cowboy hats!

Chinatown dragon statues



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