David Myles

It is September and I am in the Coop Cars a lot these days driving back and forth to Family Meetings with all the families I work with talking to the kids about what they want to pursue in their learning for this year.  On the way, I like to listen to CBC Radio One.  This morning on The Current, they had David Myles on- a musician from Fredericton, Nova Scotia.  He apparently has a lot of older folks that are fans in big part to this song he wrote when he was 24.  I really liked the message of the song- especially the bits about continuing to learn and grow.  I thought it was fitting considering I was traveling to speak to families about their own learning passions for this year.

So now I am wondering…

What is on your personal learning goals for this year?  Any passions/interests you want to pursue?  If so, drop me a comment here and let me know!

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