Pilgrim Cards

Janine told me about this site that I’ve been finding really poignant.  You ask a question and click and a message is given to illuminate the wondering.  Here is mine for today:


You have been stopped in your tracks by a fog obliterating all sense of direction. Stranded in what feels like the middle of nowhere, leaning on your staff, you wonder what to do.
From some forgotten lair within you, a fierceness stirs your core.  You raise your staff and slash at the fog, stab at the emptiness.
An awakened power charges through your body.  You take your staff in both hands, sweep it around you in a golden arc.
Around and around you swing your wand commanding the earth, beckoning the stars. You sense the swirling air heating about you.  Pulsing with a newfound wizardry, you command the fog to lift.
Clear and beckoning, the way forward stretches out before you.

To check it out, go to:



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