The Play Ethic

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: The Play Ethic ::

According to the *work ethic* of our culture,
happiness comes from hard work and toil.
“No pain, no gain.”

This contradicts the *play ethic* of nature:
maximizing pleasure while avoiding pain.

Nature always follows the path of least resistance.

Children naturally express the play ethic, and a lot
of parent-child conflict reflects the clash between
the two value systems.

Joyful parenting begins the moment you abandon the
work ethic and start taking play seriously. That
doesn’t mean never working; play is anything done in
joy — including “work”!

So if parenting feels like hard work to you, set your
sights on a new career of full-time play. But don’t
change your routine yet. Start with a change in

Focus on the pleasure potential in every moment and,
gradually, a joyful new routine will evolve to match
your intentions.


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