Campbell River Photos

I am now back in Vancouver.  Hanna and I took the Island Link Bus from Campbell River to Nanaimo together this morning as she was going down to visit her dad for a few days. It was nice traveling with her and getting a crash course on the iPod Touch.  Looks like I may buy hers from her if she gets a new iPhone.  So she was basically my personal DJ for the whole trip.  She had one ear bud and I had the other and she’d surprise me with songs.  When she was about 9, I used to drive her and Paige to school in the mornings.  In the car, we’d listen to all sorts of things and sing along.  She played a song we used to listen to off the album SO by Peter Gabriel and shot me a smile.  I can’t believe that she remembered that!!

Paige was away at sleepovers for much of my visit so I didn’t get any pics of her.  Yesterday, Hanna was off work so we spent the day together at the beach and at Willow Point Market.  She is studying photography and has a really great eye.  The photos that follow are taken by her.

No sneaking up on that sharp cookie of a godchild!  She caught me in the act.

Scary BIG barbie (that’s a full size dresser she’s all splayed out on) Hanna and I found at an antique shop. We left wondering who would buy such a thing.  It reminded me of a horror movie my older cousins made me watch when I was in primary school (by sitting down on me so I couldn’t escape) called DOLLS.  It was about dolls that came to life and killed people.  I still have an fear of any ceramic dolls whose eyes move or are eerily frozen in a cheery expression.  No thrillers or horror shows for this girl!

Later that night, Hanna, Doris and I went out to dinner at the local pub.

I attacked Doris with a kiss when she least expected it!


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