Brown and Lumpy: A Story

I thought some of you might enjoy this story written by then my 10 year old goddaughter some years ago.  It was her final project for a unit on the Digestive System.  She reminded me of this story at breakfast this morning and gave her permission for me to post it here.   It still makes me laugh when I read it.



Brown and lumpy!!!!

I’m now in a brown, lumpy, slimy case and since you’re all here I’ll tell you my story. It all stared two days ago, I was just telling my wife her afro is starting to grow mold and we should probably start seeing other people , when a human opened the fridge and grabbed me and a couple other’s. I looked at my best friend bill, he looked almost as excited as I was, we shared the same dream, bill and I. I was put in a bowl. I always wanted to see the outside world, the big vast outside world. Minutes later I was picked up and dipped in to white chunky stuff; this must be a spa of some sort. The other’s started to scream, I wondered why. Then all of a sudden I felt a slight cold rush on my head … I looked up …… My Afro it’s gone!! Then I was dipped again and shoved into this cave with huge white stone’s. All of a sudden the stone’s started to grind me to death. I wanted to scream but my mouth was by afro. From then on I was moved to a long tube. I could feel the peristalsis move what was left of my body. I was started to relax but then the tube came to a end and “ Slap’’ I hit the liquid and started to melt. I looked to my side and saw my buddy bill so I yelled “Hi bill’’ (I had found my mouth by than.) Bill just stared at me, a rumble started and up went bill!! Guess bill just didn’t fit in. well finally after 3 hours, I got passed though this tube! (I think it’s was about 7 and a half meters long). After that I started to grow brown and lumpy. Then I was passed to L.I (large intestine.) I was just passing to the rectum, when I heard my wife’s retched scream. So I looked back and villi caught my eye and I blacked out. When I woke up I was brown and lumpy and holding my wife’s moldy afro

The end!!???
By Paige

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