On the move…

Well, I’ve been home for a week and my traveling shoes are back on.  I’ve spent today doing laundry and packing my stuff; I will be on Gabriola Island for a week for our annual Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society meeting and Earth Dance.

To find out more about the Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society go to:


For those of you who are Shamanic Practitioners, I went to watch a fascinating movie last night called INCEPTION.  Although this is a fictional story, I found it really interesting how many parallels there were with shamanism in the movie.  My roommate was telling me that it took the writer a decade to write this movie and it is clear that this person understands a lot about psychology and has read a lot about dream states. Check out the trailer:

Then I am off to Campbell River to visit Doris and my goddaughters, Hanna and Paige. I’ll take a picture of Doris during our visit and I when I return and post it here.

Hanna and I in May

Paige (Summer 2008)

Speaking of Doris, here is a piece I wrote a while back in reflection of my friendship with her and how it has evolved and changed over time:

Living Outside a Container

Recently, I suggested to a new friend that we make a pact to plant our roots in the ground instead of in a pot so that we can continue to grow alongside each other throughout our lives.  In every long-term relationship, there are defining moments: moves, metaphorical deaths and births, shifting ground, standstills.  Moments where I’ve wondered if this is it- the end of the road for us.   I’ve had these with my friend, Doris.  For some friendships or love relationships, it has been the end.  They lose their willingness to keep growing alongside me.  They want me to stay in that pot that’s much too small for me.  I’m easier to track and figure out that way.  But like every plant that stays in a pot too long, there’s a price to pay.  Her growth is often pruned back to accommodate life in the container.  Roots are cramped, water and other nourishment is absorbed too quickly and multiple feedings are necessary just to make sure the plant doesn’t die.  Such a plant does not thrive; it is on life support.  Every good gardener knows this simple fact and any gardener who truly cares for her plants makes sure that the container she’s in allows her roots to grow and spread.  Of course, in the natural world, there are no containers.  Plants grow in the ground, on trees, on stones, and even in the cracks of cement!  Plants are tenacious and so am I.  I need room to grow and spread out to live out my full potential in the way that nature (not humans) intended. The benefit to being in the ground is that such plants are always well provided for by the Earth.  They are watered, nourished, and fed regularly.  There’s trust there that these will be given.  And even in droughts and storms when plants suffer, nature has provided usefulness to their passing.  They are compost for new life to emerge.  I wanna be like a plant- giving beauty and life just because I can.  I wanna trust those natural cycles and allow the old wood to sluff off of me so that the new shoots can grow and flourish.  I can’t do that if I am worried about what others think or if I am trying to make them feel comfy with my changes.  Doris supports me in the end even if we have rough patches (which we have).  We made a pact to continue to support each other through new growth.  She and I planted our roots in the ground and here we are 14 years later still growing alongside each other.  Have we both changed?  Immensely in some ways.  What has never changed is our love and affection for each other.  I know she’ll always support me in the end.  I don’t have to prune my growth around her.  I am grateful for that.  I am grateful for her.

Wildflowers growing on Rock Wall

(Stornoway Pier, Scotland)

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