Unreasonable Love

A few years ago, a mom I work with told me about Scott Noelle.  Every day, I get little messages about parenting from his site that are always perfect guidance for the day.  He often has really ingenious strategies for staying in our hearts and he seems to understand how hard parents are on themselves and how to get them to lighten up.  Now, if you don’t have kids, his column is still great.  I often ask myself: how can I parent MYSELF better and use his wisdom to help me do that?  Here’s today’s message:

Hugs (Findhorn Garden)

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Unreasonable Love ::

To love *unconditionally* means you don’t need a
“reason” to justify loving. In other words…

1. When you have a good reason to love, then you love.
2. When you have a good reason *not* to love, you love anyway.
3. You love for no reason at all.

In our conditional-loving culture, “reasonable” loving
is the norm. So today let’s practice the second and
third types of loving…

Whenever your child behaves in a way that would
conventionally be seen as an excuse to love *less*,
be a rebel and love *more*! That doesn’t mean praising
behavior you dislike, it means responding with your
heart wide open.

Also, draw a heart on the back of your hand (or create
any easily noticeable cue), and whenever you notice
it, say “I love you” or offer your child a hug, a
loving gaze, or any loving gesture.

How does it feel to love “just because”? Are you
willing to love *yourself* “unreasonably” too? 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elsa
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 18:25:48

    looks like you are having great adventures! Big hug from me. When do you come home?


  2. Jen E
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 18:58:55

    I am home already. But I leave on Aug 8 and then will be back on Aug 19 then gone again Aug 25-30. It’s been a busy summer….got my traveling shoes on!


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