Last Day at Findhorn

I really wish I could show you my pictures of this place.  It is beautiful.  I spent the whole morning over at the Park walking the sand dunes and snapping last minute pictures of the Universal Hall (pictured below from the outside when the lights are on) where all the performances take place and the beautiful mosaics all over the sidewalks there.

This one is a tree mosaic that presents itself to you when you are leaving the Universal Hall:

I have enjoyed my stay here and I can see myself doing more programs here in the future.  The Foundation offers a lot of different kind of training and from what I hear from people that come all the time for courses,  the experience is magical each time in a different way.  Tomorrow, I am off by coach in the morning to Dundee where I will visit some ancient Pictish sites around the area.  Then I will spend my last 3 days in Edinburgh where I visit the castle there and spend time with friends.  Mubbasher might come up to meet me from Manchester and another lady I met at Findhorn is living in Edinburgh and invited me over to meet her fiance.  I fly home on the 30th.  I will try to get another post in there somewhere before I get home.


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