Faery Folk, Trickery, and Synchronicities

” Obstacles,  difficulties, and delays all are seen as opportunities to grow, rather than opportunities to sink into fear, depression, and anger.  Going with the flow brings magic into our life.”

-Tanis Helliwell

It wouldn’t be a proper trip to the Celtic World if the faery folk did not mess with me at least once.  In Celtic lore, faeries are renowned for playing tricks on unsuspecting and often too-serious humans who need a lesson in lightening up. I  am apparently one of those such humans.  To make a long story short, I missed my flight to Inverness yesterday.  I actually watched it fly out of the airport.  And yes, I double-checked the time but the faeries messed up my  reading of the 24 hour clock and I was an hour late.   You see, the airline had e-mailed me to tell me my flight had changed and so the confusion began there.  Mercifully, the Flybe attendant booked me on the first flight out this morning without charging me for another ticket.

Needless to say, James was by now long gone with his vehicle and the lady at the desk called all around to find me and two other Swedish ladies accommodation for the night.  She got us in a cab and off we went back to Stornoway to the Tourist Office to try our luck there.  The gentleman behind the counter told us with a pained expression on his face that the only thing available in all the town was the fancy hotel on account of the Festival; a room for me was £140 for the night!  I decided no way  jose was I paying that kind of money (approx. $300 Canadian) and went back to Heb Hostel to appeal to Christine to let me stay in the lounge on the floor.  Before leaving the Tourist’s Office, the gentleman kindly booked me the LAST non-reserved taxi out of town in the morning.  The synchronicity was not lost on me.  When I got to the Heb, Christine offered me her tent and I pitched it and stayed warm and dry in her backyard under a big maple that night.  I paid her £10 and she was thrilled.  Am I ever glad I packed my 10 below sleeping bag- it has certainly come in handy a few times.  People laugh at the size of my bag, but I will have you know that I have used nearly everything in there.  The rest will be used this week when I do my work at the Foundation.

As I lay in my tent last night, I gave gratitude for all the synchronicities of the day.  In the end, it is all about trust.  I ended up having a much better time in that tent than I would have had in a hostel.  My flight connected up with the buses perfectly and I got to Findhorn exactly on time for check in.  This all got me thinking about something the editor of Synchronicity Magazine had to say on the subject:

“Synchronicity is a pirouette of creative energy dancing throughout  all of existence, the punctuation marks of life.  Synchronicity and miracles are one and the same; they are natural and happening all of the time.  It is when we don’t see them that something is wrong.  Synchronicity weaves the fabric of all life together; it is the a-ha moments when we observe the connection to all things.  Synchronicities are the magical moments of spirit awakenings in our human consciousness and evolution.”

This trip has certainly  held a lot of magical moments so far.  Traveling seems to put me in the space of trusting the  unknown and having faith that just like everything else in my life, things have always worked out- even when they initially seemed to be catastrophies.  I have always come out the other end just fine and after last night, I am again reminded that the universe really is always raining down blessings.  I am glad I caught some of those in my back pocket.

In other news, I am now at the Findhorn Foundation for the week.  They’ve got our schedule pretty packed so I will update my blog as I can.  Hope you are all well.  With just under two weeks to go, thoughts are starting to turn towards Canada.


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