Goodbye Stornoway, Hello Inverness

Quote for the day:

“Action without love is meaningless, and love without action is irrelevant.”

-Hafsat Abiola

I must say that I was disappointed with the main stage last night.  I am used to the Vancouver Folk Festival and have been spoiled by the multiple stages, the variety of artists, continous music, and the open air setting.  After only an hour, I left.  The set up time between acts was really long and they didn’t have other acts to fill in the time so there wasn’t much else to do in between besides drink and eat.  The drinking culture is quite strong here and people lined up immediately for beer when they came into the venue; the line ups were unbelievable!  People don’t dance until they’ve got quite a buzz going towards the end and I’ve heard it can get rowdy sometimes.  The Lewis Pipe Band opened the show and they were really great to watch.  Almost all their drummers were women and they were fabulous! Dad- you would have loved it; I know you like marching bands.

So I left without seeing the Afro Celt Sound System, which suited me fine.  I realized I was done for the day and had a really nice room all to myself for the night so I walked back to my B and B in the Stornoway drizzle.  It felt good to take off all my rain gear and warm up in bed.  This B and B has black out blinds and I slept solid through the night.  The constant daylight really messes with my sleep cycles.  Up this high, it barely gets dark.  Reminds me of the NORTHERN EXPOSURE episode where the Alaskan town’s residents are going loopy because of the 24 hour daylight.  I can’t find that episode but here is a clip so you can get a feel for the show.  It is definitely quirky and I love it.

Stewart- I finally heard “Will Ye Go Lassie Go.”  It was sung beautifully this morning by a local gentleman on guitar.  We all joined in.  If you went to school in Canada, you will have learned this song as “Wild Mountain Thyme.”  This version is sung by the Irish group The High Kings.  The caption says it is a Irish song but it is not, it is Scottish:

The owner of my B and B (James) kindly offered to drive me to the airport!  See what I mean by generosity?!  I will be flying to Inverness tonight where I will be sleeping the night and then catching a bus early tomorrow morning to Findhorn where I will be staying to do their Experience Week program.  I am really excited about this opportunity and will write more when I arrive.


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