Osho Parable

Osho is a well-known Sufi teacher.  I resonated with his words today because so often, we are taught to sacrifice ourselves for others.  But it seems to me that doing so makes us ineffective at serving others:

“A seed cannot be altruistic.  Only a tree can be altruistic, for only then can it share.  Water the seed, bathe it in sunlight, nurture it, and let it grow.  Only then, can it provide shade to the weary, bear fruit for the hungry, and provide flowers for the festivals.  First, nurture yourself, and water your own seed.  When you blossom, you touch others naturally- it has to happen- it’s the way of nature.  When we throw a stone into a lake, self-love is like the rock we throw into the water.  Like the stone that creates circular ripples, self-love allows us to love everything in the world around us.  When we are being compassionate, we don’t just identify with ourselves as the rock.  We also see ourselves in the ripples, the lake and the fish swimming in the water.  That means that a compassionate person sees both themself and the larger web of life at the same time.  Honouring yourself takes on a much bigger meaning.”

So you know it was bound to happen in time, me being a teacher and all….

I invite you to a homework assignment: 

Leave a comment about how you honour yourself daily.  I’d love to hear your reflections on this post.  There are no wrong answers and you will not be graded!


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